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BoxLife is a collection created by Scavolini in partnership with the Rainlight™ international design studio.

“BoxLife aims to accommodate an increasingly topical need for dynamic settings, which are capable of adapting to the needs of attentive consumers. Indeed, BoxLife is a system that adapts to multiple situations, from large lofts to small studio flats, transforming and hiding away as need be. The same setting can simultaneously become different spaces: this is BoxLife, the coexistence of each “component” with the others, a place to cook, work, sleep, do your laundry and use as a wardrobe, a haven to relax and for anything that can customise an apartment”

– Yorgo Lykouria,  Creative Director

BoxLife provides a multitude of solutions for the workplace. Perfect to hide away a kitchen fitted with all the necessary appliances and supplies for a complete solution of comfort and function. This relaxation area furnished with our modular BoxLife system can be hidden when not in use and matches our Nordic Oak worktop to perfection.

Small apartments could also feel like a complete home without compromising on daily comforts. Use the BoxLife system to hide away the kitchen area when not in use and organize your space in the best way possible while distinguishing the living area from the sleeping area.

The BoxLife modular furnishing collection adapts to the various requirements of contemporary living. In this configuration, it furnishes a loft living space where all the daily activities are gathered, by day and night, while retaining a superior aesthetic and functionality in every detail.

The perfect solution for a small scale studio flat, combining a cooking area that is perfect for students, holiday rental spaces or young commuter living. BoxLife offers attractive spaces for both the day and the night areas and the secret lies in the foldaway bed solution.


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